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How To Use Accountability Systems To Monitor Progress And Foster Results with Gina Hiatt

Gina J Hiatt, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who has developed an online, small group accountability system that she licenses to coaches, teachers, managers, trainers, and organizations who want their clients or teams to take action and succeed. Her company, Finish Agent, Inc., provides a way for users to track their daily progress in a completely customizable, elegant environment, while receiving support from their group and their coach.

​Gina realized that not only had she helped her clients immensely, but by hiring coaches, she had developed a source of passive, recurring revenue. She knew that other coaches would be interested in getting the same results for themselves and for their clients. Finish Agent, Inc. is the result of that realization!


1. Create an accountability checklist for your students

2. Get feedback.

3. Decide if you want to automate this process.

4. Find a solution that can deliver this for you.

What´s your best business building strategy?

Creating passive income stream products.

What´s been the biggest factor in your success?

Finding a niche and educating them to help them implement.

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