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How To Get More Done And Make More Money With Better Use Of Your Time with Robin Thiele

Robin Thiele is a business coach, productivity expert, and teacher. She helps business owners make more money by making better use of their time. She has created courses based on the problems she has observed with her clients.

She has courses like Productive to Profitable, SMARTER Goals for Life, and How to Start a Home-Based Service Business.

YOUR ACTION STEPS: The 5-Step System

1. ORGANIZATION: Track what you're doing  every 15min on a spreadsheet.

2. RE-ARRANGE: Put your tasks in 3 buckets and smaller sub-buckets.

3. DELETE/DELEGATE: Delete what's not serving you & delegate

4. EXECUTE: Put back in things that will serve you. (your goals)

5. REALIGN: Putting it all together and evaluate.

What´s your best business building strategy?

Doing giveaways.

What´s been the biggest factor in your success?

Perseverance. Not giving up.

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