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How To Automate Sales Funnels And Bring In Passive Income Sales with Stephanie Nicholich

Stephanie Nickolich aka ‘The Millionista Mentor’ is a doubt crushing, confidence creating, cash catapulting sales funnel strategist, that teaches online entrepreneurs how to shift their money mindsets, capitalize on their greatest strengths and create solid sales funnel strategies for long term sustainable success.

Stephanie’s fun, outspoken style has garnered nationwide acclaim appearing on various live television shows such as Good Day Austin and Twin Cities Live, along with other media outlets including The Huffington Post, CEO World, YFS Magazine, The Miami Herald, Hustle & Heart TV, Empowering Women Radio, The Brave Entrepreneur, Mentoring Women’s Network, and she was a finalist on Dream Big America.She has brought her voice to the stage most recently at the Pure Body Love Conference and The Women’s Success Summit in Miami, Florida.


1. Having the right mindset is key. Speak your truth.

2. Hire a mentor.

3. Success likes speeds. Implement quickly.

4. Create passive income products that generates you passive income.

5. Build sales automated funnels that sells your passive income products.

What´s your best business building strategy?

Just taking action. Just keep moving.

What´s been the biggest factor in your success?

Hands down, SUPPORT. My team!

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