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How To Build Your Team And Delegate Effectively with Tracey Osborne

Tracey Osborne is known as The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon. As an accomplished Virtual Assistant of almost a decade, Tracey specializes in all things strategic: Online Business Management, launches, funnels and telesummits. By removing the stress of daily operations, Tracey allows her clients the focus and freedom to

Using her decade's worth of experience, Tracey teaches women how to build a lucrative business as a virtual professional.


1. Find out what tasks you should be delegating.

2. Create a VA profile and job description.

3. Source qualified VAs for the tasks/expertise you need them for.

4. Provide proper onboarding and training.

5. See your V's as partners in achieving your vision. Create a culture where people are respected, appreciated, but most of all, allows for growth.

What´s your best business building strategy?

Outsourcing and delegating.

What´s been the biggest factor in your success?

Strong determination.

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